Eyelets - Small Claw



Introducing the Eyelets hair claw, a luxury piece designed by our creative studio in Paris and handcrafted in our workshops in the Jura region. This accessory is entirely Made in France. Initially drawing inspiration from the world of fine jewelry and leather goods, Mauliébris incorporates those elements by delicately adorning its pieces with eyelets and cleverly playing with interlocking rings, reminiscent of skin piercings. Made from meticulously gold-plated brass, these intricate embellishments give the acetate material a precious and jewelry-like appearance, giving a fresh and contemporary allure to the product. 

With a length of 7cm, the Eyelets claw is designed for everyday styling. Whether in a sophisticated half-up hairstyle, an elegant bun, or a chic updo. 

Its spring mechanism provides both flexibility and durability. For added convenience, the clip features an additional internal row of small teeth, guaranteeing impeccable hair grip.


The Eyelets claw is made of Italian cellulose acetate, an eco-friendly material derived from cotton flowers. It is biodegradable and smooth on the hair. The decorative elements are made of fine gold-plated brass.


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