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Mauliébris: the hair accessories brand that Parisiennes are obsessed with

"This pretty French brand, created by a former Alexandre de Paris, brings the most beautiful hair accessories up to date. Because each of the clips, barrettes, and soon combs, has been completely redesigned as a true fashion piece and a signature element of the look (...). One thing is certain, with its first collection of hair accessories, Mauliébris signs a flawless..."


Daily Jewelry

"Created by a former Alexandre de Paris, this very young brand has its hair accessories made by hand, from biodegradable acetate, by workshops in the Jura, where the know-how is historic. This gives subtly chic barrettes and clips, which upgrade the hairstyle with a single gesture."


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Mauliébris, for an elegant barrette or clip that you will wear all the time

The Mauliébris brand gives pride of place (...) to ultra-chic crab claws while remaining super trendy. What we like about this brand is the look of the products and their quality which will make them a good investment in the long term."