At Mauliébris, we attach great importance to reducing the environmental footprint of our products. This is why we work closely with our manufacturers and partners to guarantee products that last, and to take our responsibility for managing their end of life.

Our products are luxury hair accessories that are meant to be fair and durable objects. We use the best acetate, a material composed of 70% plant fibers (cotton flower, wooden beads), and not from the petrochemical industry. This material is renowned for its flexibility, its hypoallergenic properties and its resistance. Our italian manufacturer, Mazzucchelli 1849, works with all the luxury brands in eyewear and hair accessories.

Above all, we offer to repair your damaged products rather than encouraging repurchase. This repair is free for the first year, and applies to the following situations: loss of a crystal, detachment of a part, loss or breakage of a spring or metal clip.

Finally, we offer a recycling solution for end-of-life products with our partner Terracycle, specialized in the management of complex products. At Terracycle, the different components of our hair accessories will then be separated, sorted, and retransformed. The metals will thus be melted into ingots, while the acetate will be transformed into reusable granules for new products.

If you wish to have your product recycled, you can send them back to us, we will cover all return (except for the US where customers are responsible for shipping back our products) and management costs with Terracycle.

To benefit from the repair or recycling service, we ask that you contact us at for further instructions. For more information regarding the guarantee of our hair accessories, we invite you to consult our General Terms and Conditions.