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Mauliébris (rare): Relating to the stereotype of femininity or women.

Mauliébris has a latin etymology with deep roots in linguistic heritage. It embodies a concept of heritage and of self-invention.

The brand envisions a heightened portrayal of femininity, offering a space for creativity, amusement, and expression through personal styling and fashioning of the hair.

Hair is an organic and human material that can captivate through both its resilience and suppleness, carrying a quality of mythical power amidst its tresses.

An object of worship, fetishism, and relic. Hair is living, flexible and adaptive. It carries colour and invidivuality that can be adorned, enhanced, tamed, styled, celebrated, ritualized, and shared.

Mauliébris is a transformative means to metamorphose and ornament hair, empowering styling to more profoudnly and sensually communicate. 

Maulièbris Image
Maulièbris Image

Inspired by the world of jewellery and nature, the brand is firstly a design studio, a workshop to create delicate accessories. The process of acetate sublimation lies at the core of the creative process, resulting in sculptural pieces with organic and refined lines.

Your hair is the other face of your head.