Since its creation, Mauliébris has taken into account the ecological problems of the luxury and fashion industries, which has unfortunately become one of the world's most polluting sectors. How can we embark on a path of renewal and avoid repeating the mistakes made in the past in this sector?


In a context of multiplication of certifications that are not necessarily comprehensible, we have made a deliberate choice to focus on practical and straightforward commitments rather than engaging in a race for certifications. Our firm belief is that we need to build a development model centered around the concept of circularity.



So, how do we integrate this concept of circularity into Mauliébris products?

It starts with the responsible management of our materials. The main material we use, cellulose acetate, is derived from cotton and is more environmentally friendly. Remarkably, it has the ability to biodegrade, even in seawater. During the cutting process, we make sure that 100% of the waste is recycled in France, and that this material will be used for the production of luxury hair accessories or eyewear.



Furthermore, we integrate circularity into the lifespan of our products. We ship our items in recycled packaging and provide a lifetime repair service, which is completely free during the one-year warranty of the product.

Lastly, our commitment to circularity extends to the end-of-life stage. All our products can be returned to us to be fully recycled by our partner, Terracycle.

For more information on repairs and the recycling process, please refer to this link.