The streets become catwalks during Fashion Week, and hair accessories are not left out. Hair clips are not only functional, they become bold fashion statements on the most stylish hair in Paris. Discover here four ways to capture the essence of Fashion Week in your hairstyle with hair barrettes.


In accumulation on the side: Half Hawk Street-Chic effect

Inspiration streetstyle hairstyle hair barrette Mauliébris

Credits: josephjp12

The Half Hawk is a bold trend that involves placing part of the hair on one side of the head, while leaving the other half with a more pronounced length. This combination creates a dynamic contrast between the shaved section and longer hair, and has been taken up by many celebrities and Fashion Week fashionistas.

Recreate this street-chic spirit by adopting the accumulation of barrettes on the side to recreate this trendy plated effect. Play with the placements to obtain a result that is both modern and rebellious, reflecting the audacity of the fashion shows.

Loose on the side: The subtle detail that highlights the face

Inspiration streetstyle hairstyle hair barrette Mauliébris

Credits: josephjp12

Take inspiration from the urban relaxation of Fashion Week by leaving a few strands loose on the side, held in place with a thin barrette like our Piercing S model. It's the perfect fusion of sophisticated elegance and streetstyle nonchalance. Barrettes become subtle details, adding a touch of refinement to your everyday look.

Half tail: Urban and timeless elegance

Woman streetstyle hair barrette half tail Mauliébris Paris

The half ponytail becomes a statement of classic elegance with the addition of an elaborate barrette, like our Knot line. Tie the top half of your hair into a simple half ponytail, accented with barrettes near the base for a chic urban accent. This is the perfect hairstyle to capture the timeless elegance of Paris.


Accumulated on a sleek ponytail: Streetstyle sophistication

Woman wearing barrette hair accessory streetstyle fashion week Mauliébris Paris

“Sleek” hair is characterized by smooth hair, neatly laid down and without frizz. This sleek and elegant style highlights the natural shine of the hair. Then transform an otherwise simple hairstyle by accumulating several barrettes along your ponytail. This approach creates a graphic effect in contrast to the straight hair, perfect for being noticed!


November 27, 2023

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