This festive season, give a special touch to your mother-daughter moments with hairstyles that match each other. Whether you're getting ready for an elegant evening or a casual family get-together, here are three ideas for matching Christmas hairstyles, completed with sophisticated hair accessories.

The Elegant Braid

Opt for a delicate braided hairstyle that works for both mothers and daughters. Start by dividing the hair into three sections and then braiding them neatly. Use a clip or barrette to close or lift the braid and to make this simple hairstyle more refined, like the Eyelets barrette with its gold embellishments to add a Christmas touch. This versatile hairstyle is suitable for all hair types and can be accessorized in a fun way for younger children.

The Chic Chignon

A sophisticated low bun is ideal for special occasions. For mothers, create a classic low bun, and for girls, opt for a mini bun at the back of the head. Use a small hair clip to delicately secure the hairstyle, like the Eyelets Only , whose golden embellishments will give shine and a jewel-like touch to your hair. This elegant option is perfect for a dressy night out and adds a touch of glamor to your party look.

The Classic Half Tail

The half ponytail strikes the perfect balance between casual and elegant. For mothers, create a low half ponytail, and for girls, opt for a higher version. For a matchy look, you can use the Knot range by taking the large model for the mother and the small model for the daughter, and complete with a mother-daughter look from the Petite Lucette brand in the same color. This chic and modern option will add a festive touch to your look.

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How to Dress for a Mother-Daughter Outfit

Coordinating your outfits adds a special dimension to your matching hairstyles. Opt for matching sets by choosing colors that complement each other without being identical. For a more casual look, matching knit sweaters from Petite Lucette add a warm touch. For a more formal evening, matching dresses in cuts adapted to each generation guarantee a harmonious ensemble.
Whether you're getting ready for casual festivities or an elegant night out, these matching mother and daughter hairstyle ideas are sure to shine together during the Christmas celebrations. Add a dose of glamor with high-end hair accessories for a festive and unforgettable look.

December 20, 2023

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