The end-of-year festivities are approaching, and it's time to give your hair a casual chic touch. Discover four must-have looks, enhanced by our precious accessories, to shine with ease during the holidays.

High Ponytail

Red-haired woman wearing a ponytail hair barrette Mauliébris Paris

The simplicity of the high ponytail becomes a style statement by affixing a barrette at the top, like a piece of jewelry. With its fine gold-plated brass bow, the Knot Gold barrette will be perfect for adding that touch of shine, and will make this hairstyle perfect for end-of-year evenings where you want to stand out.

Banana Updo

Lena Simonne wearing a banana bun and a Mauliébris Paris hair barrette

The banana updo gets a modern update with an Eyelets barrette, delicately positioned on the side. This hairstyle is the definition of casual elegance, perfect for festive gatherings where effortless style is called for. Play with texture by letting a few stray strands loose for a natural look.

Effortless Half Tail

Lena Simonne wearing a half ponytail with a hair barrette Mauliébris Paris

The half ponytail becomes a refined choice with the addition of a clip like the Knot Gold clip and its delicate appearance. This hairstyle frees up the face while maintaining loose hair, halfway between casual and sophisticated. It will be perfect for intimate dinners or casual evenings with friends.


Flipped Ponytail

Woman wearing a ponytail with a hair barrette Mauliébris Paris

Transform the traditional ponytail with a modern twist. Roll it up and secure it with an elastic, then attach a barrette to it for a look that combines boldness and glamour. This hairstyle is ideal for formal events or a night out on the town.


These simple hairstyles, embellished with our creations, will allow you to shine effortlessly during the festivities. Add a touch of glamor to your hair while staying true to your casual style. Get ready to celebrate in style!

November 27, 2023

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